What is Irangard?

Traveling is a chance to explore new places, cultures or hobbies. For having fun in your journey, you should use the best online travel companies. There different online travel companies and different services in Iran. Irangard in one of the best of them. In this article, we introduce this company and its services.

What is Irangard?

Founded in 2022 in Isfahan, Irangard (ایرانگرد) has grown from a small start-up to one of the best online travel companies in Iran. In fact, this small company works as a branch of a big Holding company named “Atigh Gasht”. Irangard’ head office is in Isfahan but it also has an office in Tehran.

Irangard mission is to make it easier to travel around the world and Iran. It focuses on travel, introducing the tourist attractions, booking tours and travel packages and booking accommodation including villas, houses and other unique places to stay.

How Irangard works?

Irangard makes it easy to compare different tours or different accommodations and book the best of them. For these purposes, you should go to their sections on this online platform.

1. Booking best tours in Irangard

One of the important services of this platform is to book the best tours to different cities of Iran and some countries including Turkey. Note that Irangard doesn’t have any tours on its own but we do our best to make sure that travelers and travel lovers have best times in different tours. In fact, Irangard has agreement with tour providers and suggests users best of them.

For booking the best tours, you should go to related section. Then, choose your destination. In a second, you can see the best tours to that destinations and try to book them. Just like that!

2. Booking best accommodations

Irangard works in another segment of tourism industry: booking accommodations. We try our best to make sure that travelers can book the best villas or renting houses for some days. Irangard is a growing start-up that focuses on these kinds of accommodations by now. So, if your looking for big hotels or apartments, you should know this kind of services isn’t available on Irangard platform yet.

Irangard works with the owners of villas and houses in big and small cities of Iran. For booking a villas and house, you should go to the “renting villas” section on Irangard website. Then, search your destination. In a second, you can see several accommodations and their locations and services. After selecting one of them, you can book it for anytime you want.

Irangard: the best way to explore Iran

We believe that everyone deserves to travel easily. Travelers should be able to make informed decisions and have customized tours searches. We believe you deserve the best. So, we used technology to bring you the best options.

For more information about Irangard, you can connect us on

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